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You Create Your Own Version of Reality

The idea that our thoughts create our reality is not new. Rather it is an ancient truth that "modern man" has completely ignored...

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Your personal experience of reality - how you perceive life - is created by your beliefs about yourself, others and the world. Many of these beliefs - indeed the most powerful beliefs - are "sub" conscious - hidden under the surface, meaning you have no idea that these beliefs are controlling you. If you could see these beliefs then you could change them, and if you could change them then your experience of reality would also change.

If you want new and better experiences, then you'll need to start creating new and better beliefs. So gaining control of your thoughts and reconditioning new beliefs into your subconscious is one very important element in your journey toward enlightenment.

Most people pay no attention to their own thoughts - they are swept back and forth with the tide of outer events. These people believe they are at the mercy of outer forces beyond their control.

Many try to control their thoughts, but feel like their efforts are nothing more than a drop in the ocean of subconscious activity which sweeps them through the day.

What's needed is a structured system to control your thoughts throughout the day. You need a way to carefully choose your thoughts and build them up, not for five minutes a day, but for weeks and months until those thoughts become conditioned and dominant into your Subconscious Mind.

Learn more about how you can use the Abundance Blueprint and the Thought Matrix to choose your thoughts and condition them deeply into Subconscious Mind.