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About this site

About The Enlightenment Digest - dedicated to sharing and preserving spiritual enlightenment wisdom.

Launched in 2022, The Enlightenment Digest is an independent publication of Utopia University. With publication of this Digest, enlightenment can no longer be considered a secret. Here, we discuss everything, and at Utopia University we teach everything - no secrets, just an open dialog about the enlightenment journey.

We begin with the unyielding fact that Mind is the creative force behind our manifest universe. As explained in the most ancient Vedic teachings (which depict an uncannily accurate explanation of the inner cosmos), everything we see and experience in our living world is an ever-changing, vibrating, energetic re-enactment of the beliefs, attitudes and ideas we hold in our Minds.

Mind creates reality, and reality conforms to Mind.
This is the never-ending Cycle of Mind.

That's what Mind does - it creates reality. That's its only purpose. This is as true as gravity, it is an irrefutable fact. So rather than debate the issue, we turn our attention to the practical application of Mind.

Since your thoughts are responsible for the reality you know today, and since you wish to live in a better reality tomorrow (healthier, happier, more balanced and abundant), then obviously you must learn to gain control of your thoughts and direct them more often to specific ideas about health, happiness and abundance. This is the purpose of the course in Active Enlightenment.

We believe that enlightenment should be free and open to anyone who expresses a genuine interest in finding a deeper meaning in life, to anyone who wants to discover the true nature of their being. There must never be a charge for enlightenment, so if anyone is selling it, then it's not enlightenment.

Therefore, do not hurry as you read these articles

Take a slow breath. Your enlightenment adds to the light of humanity, and the good you do ripples through time forever. Do not skip lightly over the possibility that you could become enlightened. As you spend more time pondering, journaling and speaking enlightened principles, not only does your own life change, but you will have a positive impact on the world and the people closest to you.

The last peak time of enlightenment was 600 years ago

In the 1400's there lived an enlightened king who connected the world in trade, creating a period of global abundance. He also connected the great enlightenment traditions of China, India and Tibet into a new system of active enlightenment.

Since that time, unfortunately, enlightenment has been on the decline.  

We don't have time to wait for enlightenment to make a comeback. We can't wait for corporations, governments and entrenched institutions to solve our problems. Einstein said, "we can't solve our problems using the same thinking we used when we created them."

The answer to all problems lies within

Right now the world needs enlightenment. Each of us must personally set an example, and then work together to make our lives more meaningful and filled with purpose.

This publication is dedicated to the Student-Members of Utopia University who are committed to a lifelong journey of self-discovery, and the pursuit of inner abundance.

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Ways to Approach Enlightenment

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