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About The Enlightenment Digest - dedicated to sharing and preserving modern and ancient enlightenment wisdom.

The Enlightenment Digest, established in 2022, is an independent publication and does not rely on advertising or outside financial support. Enlightenment should be open to anyone who expresses a genuine interest in finding a deeper meaning in life, to anyone who wants to discover the true nature of their being.

We begin our teaching of enlightenment with the unyielding fact that Mind is the creative force behind our manifest universe. As explained in the most ancient Vedic teachings, everything we see and experience in our living world is an ever-changing, vibrating, energetic re-enactment/representation of the beliefs, attitudes, ideas and emotions we hold in our Minds. You have to sit with that idea for a little while to really understand what it means.

Mind creates reality, and reality conforms to Mind.
This is the never-ending Cycle of Mind.

That's what Mind does - it creates reality. That is its only purpose. This is as true as gravity, it is an irrefutable fact. So rather than debate the issue, we turn our attention to the practical application of Mind.

Since your thoughts are responsible for the reality you know today, and since you wish to live in a better reality tomorrow (healthier, happier, more balanced and abundant), then obviously you must learn to gain control of your thoughts and direct them more often to specific ideas about health, happiness and abundance.

To gain control of Mind you must rise above it by raising your consciousness to a higher level. Rising above Mind is the first objective/achievement of enlightenment.

The last peak time of enlightenment was 600 years ago

The word enlightenment itself can be off-putting for a lot of people - it’s not a common word in our everyday life. And the reason that it feels different, or maybe even uncomfortable is because our society is completely unenlightened, locked into the outer world. Enlightenment is not part of our culture or our institutions, and of course, the vast, vast majority of people in this modern world will never experience the full blossoming of enlightenment.

But this has not always been the case - and this is very important to understand. For thousands of years there have been cultures, kingdoms and societies steeped in enlightenment teachings. In other words, enlightenment has not always been an “every man for himself” personal journey - like it is in our culture - there were times when enlightened principles formed the fabric of society itself.

We don’t learn about enlightenment in history - we learn about wars and famines and genocides - but there are numerous examples of enlightened cultures in history, with the most recent being in the 1300’s and 1400’s in a nation called Ayutthaya. The country itself - Ayutthaya - was named after an ancient enlightened kingdom in northern India - Ayodya - where enlightenment formed the fabric of their culture for thousands of years.

We live in an unenlightened world today that is going full speed in the wrong direction - completely shut off from the idea of enlightenment, but we don't have time to wait for enlightenment to make a comeback. We can't wait for corporations, governments and entrenched institutions to solve our problems. Each of us must personally set an example, and then work together to make our lives more meaningful and filled with purpose.

Therefore, do not hurry as you read these articles

Take a slow breath. Relax. Take a slow breath.

You may not rise to the experience the explosion of pure bliss and awareness in this lifetime, but rest assured that every step on the way will bring you a deeper and deeper understanding of who you are, and a more profound feeling of health, peace and balance. The more you turn inward to enlightened principles, the more everything makes sense.

Every step you take toward enlightenment adds to the light of humanity, and the good you do ripples through time forever. Do not skip lightly over the possibility that you could become enlightened. As you spend more time pondering, journaling and speaking enlightened principles, not only does your own life change, but you have a positive impact on the world and the people closest to you.

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