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Why is my Mind stuck in lack?

Lack is the predominant mindset in the outer world. Here's how to shift from a mindset of lack to abundance...

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Has this ever happened to you? You're in a restaurant and as you read through the menu options, your attention is naturally drawn to the price. And when you order, you choose the cheapest item rather than what you really wanted to eat.

We could enjoy anything on the menu, but we don't even read the more expensive items - those abundant items are for someone else, not us. We limit our awareness to just a small corner at the bottom of the menu, while the abundant part of the menu is invisible to us.

We do that same thing in every aspect of our lives. It's a subconscious mindset of lack. We take the least option. We accept what we believe we deserve. We settle for only a small fraction of what life has to offer.

Our whole society is huddled around the bottom of the menu, living in a self-centered world that prevents us from seeing more abundant ways we could be living and cooperating.

You are living at only the smallest fraction of your power. All your limitations, all your unhappiness, disappointments, frustrations, the stress you experience, all stem from a limited mindset of lack.

The moment the feeling of abundance overcomes the feeling of lack, you become 10,000 times the person you are today. Healthier, happier and more abundant.

Raise your awareness to the abundance of enlightenment. Set aside any thoughts or feelings of lack and limitation. What you have accepted in the past is no longer acceptable. What others told you was impossible is now possible. I'll wave my magic wand and grant you permission. What you have always desired is now yours.

Open your Mind to infinite possibilities. Enlighten your Mind to the reality of abundance. Consider the whole menu of life and direct yourself to a higher purpose - not limited by subconscious lack in the past, but unlimited to what is possible for you in the future.