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Why Won't Science Accept Mind as a Valid Field of Study?

Science will never prove the existence of Mind. Here's why...

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The basis of science is the Scientific Method which says that the same experiment must yield the exact same result every time.  If the result is different, then there is a variable that is different, and once that variable is accounted for - the experiment will always yield the same result.

The basis of science is repeatability, and this repeatability has allowed us to create all types of advancements in the world.

But science limits itself to studying only the outer half of the universe - the visible, measurable part of the universe.  Science can look further and further out into space - very impressive, or smash atoms and delve into the smallest observable particles - truly amazing, but they will never find Subconscious Mind, they will never find the seed of Life, they will never find awareness.

Here's the problem. Science requires (because of the scientific method) that everything be reduced to only one possibility, but Mind is infinite possibility. Mind will not be reduced to an equation, and so the methods and tools available to science are not capable of confirming or explaining something like Mind which is infinite and unobservable. Therefore, we cannot and should not wait for science to help us explore and develop the power of our own thoughts - that is up to each of us to do for ourselves.

Your thoughts and beliefs have vibratory power to change you and to change circumstances - but science will never confirm your inner experiences because your experiences are not repeatable in the sense of the Scientific Method.  Yet the power of Mind is just as real as anything else.

In fact, Mind is analogous to electricity. It just exists. It just is. But Mind operates on different principles than electricity, and so it must be used and directed differently.  Mind operates in rhythms and cycles, and its creative mode of power is essentially vibratory.

Therefore, do not cede the truth of what you know to science or to any other "authority" who tells you Mind is pseudo-science or wishful thinking, or simple coincidence.  It has been known for many thousands of years - we live in a mental universe, and your proof is in your observations and your own results. It is the limitation of the scientific establishment that keeps us from studying this infinitely creative force.

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence."
~ Nikola Tesla

We have reached the time in our history when the truth of Mind must be taught alongside math and science as equally true and valid.  It's time to start using the full power of Mind to ease the suffering of so many, and enlighten the world.