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Here's How to Pull Yourself Out of the Matrix

It's one thing to understand that you are living in an illusion, but it's an entirely different thing to pull yourself out of the illusion...

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There's more to life than the pointless noise of the outer world. You know this already. You have glimpsed a higher aspect of reality, but how can you stay at that higher state of awareness and meaning?

To pull yourself out of the illusion of the outer world, you must first understand that the beliefs, attitudes and ideas in your subconscious mind are - for the most part - not your own. They were put there by your family, by society, the media, etc. - by other people. You are not even aware that 90% of your life is by subconscious habit, living a life that has been programmed into you from a very young age - programming that you have accepted for decades.

You don't question this reality because nobody around you questions reality, and so we all go on living an "outer" life - unaware that we are embedded in the illusion.

But it's one thing to intellectually know that you are living in a sort of "subconscious auto-pilot", but it's quite another thing to disrupt your subconscious mind and wake yourself up to a higher state of awareness, a higher state of health and happiness.

Here's the thing, the universe couldn't care less if you rise your awareness to light, or if you live the remainder of your life stuck at the lowest levels of your existence - asleep in the Matrix. The universe has no preference whether you live an abundant life from this point forward, or continue to be stuck in lack and unhappiness living a life with no real meaning.

Active Enlightenment will help you get out from under the control of your subconscious and get on top of mind - to use and direct mind toward your own purpose. Instead of being a prisoner of your past, you can recondition your own thoughts to create a happier and healthier version of yourself. You can build (design) a life of purpose and meaning.

Are you finally ready to awaken your true inner potential and unlock the secrets of the universe? Classes in Active Enlightenment will make it possible for everyday people - for you - to achieve spiritual enlightenment without isolating yourself on a distant mountaintop.

Results must come quickly because time is of the essence in this fast-paced world. With crystal-clear instructions and very structured exercises, you begin to take control of subconscious mind, experience transformative change, and bring yourself to a higher state of light, love, peace, balance, and abundance.

Embrace this new access to enlightenment and start becoming truly present in your inner world. From there you can create a life of your highest imagination - free from the matrix - above mind - free from the illusion and limitations of the outer world.