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Why doesn't anything make me happy any more?

So many people have just lost interest in life. Here's how to get back to happy...

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"Why doesn't anything make me happy?" The question contains the answer. You are seeking happiness outside yourself, as if some "thing" or someone out there is going to line everything up just the way you want it, and make you happy. You will never find true and lasting happiness in the outer world because it is constantly changing. No sooner do you get everything lined up perfectly then it changes and ruins all your plans.

Happiness is an inner trait - you can only find happiness within yourself.

Of course I don’t know you or the particulars of your situation, but if you want to be happy you need to focus on these internal factors. Once you have these in place your happiness will no longer depend on outer factors.

If you are not healthy it's very hard to be fully happy - so focus on your health. Nothing else is more important.

Meaningful Relationships
Do you have people you can talk with and share, or are your relationships just "Hey, how are you doing? Good? Me too. See you next week."
Most people don't even connect with people in their own family. Focus on listening to people and building deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Inner Peace
We live in a world where most people just accept stress as a normal part of life. Well, stress is not normal. Learn to let go, relax and simply enjoy a flow of inner peace. That’s a huge step toward your own happiness.

Purpose and Meaning
If you don't have a clear purpose in life, then you're just going through the motions. If your purpose isn't clear to you, then start thinking about it each day until the puzzle pieces fall into place. Once your purpose is clear, nothing can be clearer. It is the one thing that makes you smile - from the inside!

It is impossible to be happy when you live in a constant inner state of lack. Find the positive, be optimistic, see the abundance all around you!

Keep your mind on these things within - this is your scorecard for happiness. The outer world will not bring you these things - they all come from within.