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Can I really communicate with my subconscious mind?

Subconscious Mind is "sub" conscious - below your awareness, so how can you communicate with your subconscious?

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The question really is, if you could, what message would you send to your subconscious mind? Your Subconscious Mind is running your life through habits and self-talk, so if you don’t change what’s in your subconscious - nothing in your life will change.

So the question isn't can you communication with your Subconscious Mind, the question should be what thoughts and ideas do you want to sink into your subconscious, what new habits do you want to create, and what self-talk to you want to establish? In other words, you can be intentional about the thoughts you choose.

In the The Cycle of Mind - it is suggested that you implant enlightened values and principles into your Mind - rather than specific results. For example, rather than the thought of having more money, instead put the thought of generosity in your mind, and within a few days and weeks - you will begin transforming into a more generous person. This changes everything about your life as you begin to release your self-centered view and instead start to think of ways to be generous.

Similarly, put the thought of health in your mind, and in a few days and weeks, subconscious mind, without your prompting, begins to guide you to more healthy choices.

You can absolutely change the programming in your subconscious mind, but what is most important are the thoughts you choose. Choose inner values and principles.

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