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Adopt a Healthy Mindset

Your doctor won't tell you this, but here's the best advice for living a healthy, happy life...

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More than any other factor, your attitude affects your health. Get out of the mindset of feeling old or out of shape. An "old", complaining mindset is what keeps you feeling old. It doesn't matter what your age is right now - I guarantee in ten years you'll be saying, "I wish I was ten years younger. I wish I had the energy I had back then."

You are young, healthy, full of energy and vital life. Your body is an infinitely complex set of cells and systems that have only one purpose - to be healthy.

Instead of complaining about your health, here's what you can be doing every day to elevate your health.

Be grateful for the health you have now. Even if 10% of you is sick, that means 90% is healthy - focus on the positive.

Breathe. With each breath you draw precious oxygen and life force into your body. Give your body a chance to be healthy.

Stretch. Your youth is in your joints. Stretch every joint. Move around.

Eat better, eat less, chew slowly. The average person eats more than twice the amount of food they need. This overeating - especially unhealthy foods - strains your digestive system and uses large amounts of vital energy that could be flowing to other parts of your body to heal.

Sleep. This is how your body repairs and regenerates itself.

Negative mindset, shallow breathing, sedentary lifestyle, overeating, lack of sleep. When you think about your health - it's a miracle that your body can overcome all these negative health habits - and yet it never stops trying.

Your body is alive and bursting with energy. It never stops working 24/7 to make you healthy.

Realize your health, be grateful for your health, take an active role in your health, be positive about your health. Do something to make today healthy!