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Compassion Doesn't Exist Without You

Compassion only manifests when you decide to be compassionate...

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Compassion is limitless. What I mean is that you can be compassionate, I can be compassionate and a million more people can be compassionate. There's no limit to compassion - it never runs out.

Even though there is an unlimited supply of compassion, it will not be present in the world without you. Here’s what I mean, and we apply this in our online enlightenment courses.

Think of compassion like a lake, or an infinite reservoir. It is always there, always ready. Compassion exists as an idea, but it does not exist in the outer world unless and until your thoughts, words, and actions bring compassion to life. Without you - compassion is only waiting to be tapped, or not.

Similarly for hate and other negative ideas - an infinite supply - always there, ready to go - but hate doesn't activate by itself - we bring it to life with our thoughts, words, and actions.

All enlightened values and principles are ready to be activated, if you can guide your Mind in those directions.  And that's the purpose of the enlightenment course - to gain control over your thoughts, and express the positive values you choose in your thoughts, words, habits and actions.

But if you don't think about what you say and do - if you don't give any thought or importance to your values - then you unintentionally flow with the outer world, doing and saying things that will not always match with the person you really want to be. Given all the negative forces in the outer world that could pull you off track, taking control of your Subconscious Mind is the key.


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